Gothic Voices - The Splendour of Florence - BR Klassik

Atmospheric and of high quality, a program constructed by a sensitive and understanding hand. Once again, the Gothic Voices meet with approval. The completely unforced vocal art is beautiful in sound, without pretending to be beautiful, thanks to a lot of silence and space the music is not stifled, but can unfold freely. Perhaps unspectacular qualities in themselves, but they open up whole worlds. The occasional accompaniment this time is not a lute instrument, but the sometimes wonderfully buzzy harp sounds of Andrew Lawrence-King. (...) "The splendor of Florence - with a Burgundian resonance" is the apt title of this CD. While Brunelleschi's impressively large, completely cantilevered cathedral dome is considered the epitome of the Renaissance, the soundtrack comes from Northern Europe - made to resound by this terrific English vocal ensemble.

BR Klassik
28 November 2022