IBO - Concerti Bizarri - Gramophone

In contrast to bringing in an orchestra around three soloists, Monica Huggett has allotted the solo opportunities across her brilliantly varied seven-concerto-strong Concerti Bizarri programme to the existing musicians of the Irish Baroque Orchestra, and the subsequent performances are unfailingly superlative. This is another programme demonstrating how German composers developed the Vivaldian style within their own national language; but this time Vivaldi's own double cello concerto, RV531, serves as a useful Italian point of comparison among offerings from Fasch, Telemann, Heinichen and Graupner. Five of the seven are multiinstrument concertos, and all but the Vivaldi feature at least one woodwind soloist. Keep your ears peeled in particular for the timbral magic of Graupner's Triple Concerto for flute d'amore, oboe d'amore and viola d'amore.

01 August 2016