Ingrid Fliter - Chopin: Nocturnes - The Daily Mail

If the heart of Frederic Chopin is to be found in his Preludes, his soul is surely in his 20 meltingly lovely Nocturnes.

Piano enthusiasts will probably say, ‘Oh no! Not another set of Nocturnes that I have to buy’, but Ingrid Fliter plays so beautifully, and is so well recorded, that I am merciless.

She must be the finest piano talent to come out of Argentina since Martha Argerich, and her Chopin playing has now achieved a level of sculpted perfection that few can match. Fliter does not moon about, but keeps each Nocturne on the move while maintaining an immaculate legato and inner strength. The pieces almost seem to be playing themselves.

Curiously, Fliter has produced a Monet-like Impressionist painting called Moon for the cover of the CD. I do not see Chopin as an Impressionist, and thank goodness she does not play him like one.

The Daily Mail
16 November 2018