Ingrid Fliter - Scottish Chamber Orchestra - Chopin: Piano Concertos - BBC Radio 3 'CD Review'

From 2:39:34

 ...if you know Fliter's reputation for Chopin, you ought to be interested. It's wonderful when you realize Fliter achieves so much by emphasizing Chopin's inwardness, the intimacy instead of grandstanding with the bravura of the writing. The F minor Second Concerto in particular is a quiet triumph, even though the balance possibly favours the soloist a little too much, don't miss the chance to let your ears linger on the Scottish Chamber Orchestra's contribution: graceful, beautifully articulate in the slow movement, with a sense of profound joy in the finale. This is as good as I wanted it to be.

 Tracks Played: 4-6

 ...Ingrid Fliter confirming her credentials as a special interpreter of Chopin, with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra conducted by Jun Märkl. And the first concerto has a similarly introspective radiance about it...I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to rush out right away and spend your money on it...

05 April 2014