James Gilchrist - Leighton & Britten - Opus Haute Definition (English)

This recording is devoted to two great figures in 20th century British music: Benjamin Britten, so familiar to us today, and Kenneth Leighton (1929-1988), who is poorly known nowadays. The latter taught and composed, but was also a pianist. His catalog includes works of various genres, most notably pieces for organ, keyboard, and piano; concertos for cello, piano, organ, and violin; symphonies; and vocal music with orchestra, a cappella, and with piano. And that happens to be the case for the work proposed here: "Earth, sweet earth...Laudes Terrae," a cantata for tenor and piano dating from 1986. "Winter Words" Opus 52 by Britten is a series of eight poems in which humor intertwines with a certain delicacy of hand. To our great pleasure, James Gilchrist and Anna Tilbrook repeat the superb success of their Ralph Vaughn-Williams album. Under their auspices, these pages take on a human dimension that is remarkable for its intensity and fervor. This SACD, in a perfect sound recording, is a must.

Opus Haute Definition
01 December 2010