Katherine Bryan - plays Flute Concertos by Christopher Rouse and Jacques Ibert - McAlister Matheson Music

If you haven't heard Christopher Rouse's Flute Concerto, then this is for you, as it's surely one of the forgotten gems of the modern canon. Despite the significant technical demands made on both soloist and orchestra, this is an effortless and vibrant interpretation of one of Rouse's greatest compositions. Rouse draws on his Celtic heritage for the elegant and flowing outer movements that are handled with much finesse and style by Katherine Bryan and the RSNO. The central movement is a poignant elegy born out of a world of horrors and inexplicable cruelty that surrounds us daily. Rouse's depiction of both the depths of human suffering and beauty carries the listener on an unforgettable journey of despair and hope. Bryan's performance is one of depth and clarity - there is no denying she is a technically remarkable flautist, and crucially, she is musically imaginative, insightful and engaging. Of the few recordings of the Rouse Concerto,this is one you'll come back to time and time again! Coupled with the Rouse we have the Ibert Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, Ballade by Frank Martin and Debussy's Syrinx which became pivotal in shaping French flute music throughout the twentieth century. While Bryan offers effortless, impeccable performances of all of the works featured on this CD, it's the Rouse that I struggle to stop myself from listening to over and over again!

McAlister Matheson Music
01 June 2013