Leonardo García Alarcón - Monteverdi: L'Orfeo - Fanfare

Leonardo García Alarcón has recorded the 1610 Vespers and two other Monteverdi programs, the background to his new L’Orfeo, recorded a week before the latest version reviewed here. His Orfeo is Valerio Contaldo, who offers a restrained interpretation of the role. Mariana Flores, who also sings a tender Euridice, gives the opera a fine start as La Musica, singing a lovely Prologo. Salvo Vitale is notably effective as Caronte. Contaldo’s “Possenti spirito” is a strong performance. With 35 recordings to choose from, most of them still available, García Alarcón offers a performance that can be enjoyed on its considerable merits.

19 February 2022