Liszt - Lazaridis - Classic FM Magazine

Throughout Liszt's epic Sonata in B minor, poetic musings of exquisite refinement rub shoulders with uncontainable outbursts of glittering bravura, making it one of the biggest challenges for the aspiring virtuoso pianist. It's the Sonata's neurotic changeability that is so compellingly brought to life by Lazaridis. As each mesmerising episode unfolds, the listener is compelled along by the sheer force of Lazaridis's artistic personality. Even the notorious fugal episode is made to sound like the inevitable outcome of what has gone before. Add to that a technique to die for, cushioned by melt-in-the-mouth sonorities and a scintillating coupling, and you have a Liszt release made in heaven.

Classic FM Magazine
04 October 2006