Maeve O'Boyle - All My Sins - Hi-Fi Choice

Music: This 21-year-old Scot is already a veteran singer-songwriter so it's no surprise she wrote most of this debut set - nor that it was produced by Calum ‘Blue Nile' Malcolm. The high points are Old Greenwich Time, a ballad U2 would proudly claim and the title track which with its soaring, melodic choruses is reminiscent of Chrissie Hynde. All 10 ‘sins' are tunefully atmospheric, and Malcolm has perfectly captured O'Boyle's husky, yearning vocals and delicate guitar-picking. A hi-fi album that's nearly a masterpiece.

Sound: As you'd expect from Linn - and Malcolm - this has great yet sensible dynamics, superb separation and qualifies as a worthy addition to the SACD canon.

Hi-Fi Choice (Awards 2009)
02 November 2009