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This is a worthy - wonderful, even - follow-up to the earlier Magnificat recording of Rogier's Missa Sum qui sum, also on Linn - CKD109: see January 2009 Download Roundup. That Mass has now been recorded on a rival disc from Hyperion - so the further exploration of the Rogier repertoire is very welcome, with three premiere recordings, including the Mass Domine in virtute tua to its credit. Two other pieces follow which had, I think, their first appearance, on Hyperion. Each of the Masses included here is preceded by the motet which provides its foundation or cantus firmus.

The singing, as on the earlier Linn CD, is excellent, but purists may find the instrumental accompaniment rather obtrusive. Philip Cave's notes claim that its inclusion is in keeping with Spanish practice of the time and the Hyperion recording adopts the same practice. It does all make a glorious noise and the recording is excellent in lossless form. The accompanying booklet is also of high quality: its inclusion with the download, complete with texts is very welcome - there is none with the earlier Linn download, though the Hyperion comes with a booklet of the usual high quality. I was strongly tempted to make this the Download of the Month: there were so many candidates.

What next? There's a recording by Musica Reservata de Barcelona of the Sanctus from Rogier's Missa Philippus secundus Rex Hispaniæ on the la Mà de Guido label and the Kyrie from that work from Currende on Et'cetera: perhaps Linn or Hyperion will offer us the Mass complete.

MusicWeb International
14 March 2011