The McCluskey Brothers - Housewives Choice - The Herald

Wur ain Mister Kenneth and Mister David have long been criminally undervalued for many spurious reasons, none of them relating to their musical worth. In part, it's due to Mister Kenneth and Mister David being properly-brung-up siblings who have never punched one another in public, thus earning waves of tabloid hype. Nor have they thrown V-signs at photographers, nor exorbitantly married and then flagrantly deserted any B-movie bimbos. Only these breaches of musicbiz protocol can explain the duo's absence from the poppermost's toppermost, given the excellence of their three new compositions on this Best Of Plus affair. In particular, She's Turning is a hip folk-hop corker. Their version of Hamish Henderson's Freedom Come All Ye is a little too wispy for me, mind, but revibed old faves like Wonderful Affair, Fever Pitch and Favourite Colours are a joy.

25 May 2000