Mozart Colloredo Serenade & Divertimento - SCO & Alexander Janiczek - Audiophile Audition

Just recorded this June in Edinburgh, this is a delightful pairing of two lighter Mozart masterpieces coming from his pen after he had turned 18.  The eight movements of K.203 make it a bit more elaborate a work than the following divertimento.  It's title comes from the supposition that it was written in celebration of the name-day of Count von Colloredo, who had been elected Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg in 1772.  The work has an additional minuet to most of the serenades and its first movement is followed by a mini violin concerto; in fact three of the movements feature lovely violin solos.

Since these serenades and divertimenti often began and ended with a march and the Colloredo lacked one at the beginning, a March K.237 by Mozart begins the SACD. The Divertimento is in the same key of D as the Serenade, but has a bit more of an orchestral character. The work may also have been intended for someone's name-day: his sister Nannerl.  It's Mozart on a sunny day, and the subtly-enveloping acoustics provided by Linn plus the outstanding performing skills of the Scottish orchestra make the entire disc a most pleasurable listening experience!

Audiophile Audition
07 November 2008