Mozart Symphonies 2 - SCO & Sir Charles Mackerras - The Herald Scotland

Here they go again. Having just about cleared the global awards desk last year for their reference recordings of Mozart's last four symphonies, Sir Charles Mackerras and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra squirreled themselves away in Glasgow's City Hall last July and got the next batch recorded. In the old days you could identify a conductor and orchestra by their sound (Karajan, Walter, Klemperer, and so on). Not any more, in this bland world. But Mackerras and the SCO are an exception. Their blistering performances of the Paris, Haffner and Linz symphonies (check the natural horns, trumpets and drums) could not be any other outfit in the world. Add that to Sir Charles's unmistakable forward drive and the SCO's blinding clarity of string and woodwind playing, and it amounts to a trademark signature. That said, do not miss Mackerras's wonderful grace and poise with the 29th Symphony, played like the masterpiece that it is. Great conducting, playing and recording throughout.

The Herald Scotland
22 March 2010