Mozart Symphonies 2 - SCO & Sir Charles Mackerras - OpusHD

This selection of Mozart symphonies, played by an orchestra unconcerned by Baroque precepts, allows us to relive great moments of musical interpretation once incarnated by, most notably, Josef Krips. And, as in those good old days, the pleasure today is as great as it was then, as intense as before, offering the grace and poetry only a few Baroque orchestras can attain. Charles Mackerras, directing the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and who died recently at the age of 84, takes us magnificently to a past that is passed only in name. On the program of this splendid SACD are the symphonies N°29 K.201, N°31 "Paris" K.297, N°32 K.318, N°35 "Haffner" K.385, and N°36 "Linz" K.425. In a wonderful DSD sound recording, here is an honorary Opus d'Or to savor with nostalgia or without...

02 August 2010