Musica Secreta - Dangerous Graces: Music by Cipriano de Rore and pupils - Independent on Sunday

After the sharp religious ecstasy of Cozzolani's convent motets, Musica Secreta have turned to the madrigals of de Rore, Luzzaschi and de Wert, giving them, as ever, a feminine twist. Through judicious transposition, these erotic madrigals for mixed voices become densely entwined duets, trios and quartets for the female voice, suspended over a soft mattress of plucked and bowed continuo. Dangerous? No. But very seductive, whether in concert Dolci sospiri ardenti or alone Il dolce sonno. Were Botticelli's Primavera to burst into song, she would probably sound like this.

Independent on Sunday
08 April 2002