New Collegium & Claudio Ribeiro - Lemniscate - Bach: The Art of Fugue - BBC Radio 3 'Record Review'

Three fugal studies from Bach's Art of Fugue played by New Collegium and harpsichordist Claudio Ribeiro. Orchestration really is at the heart of this project using the instrumental possibilities of Bach's world - the timbres of brass, winds and strings, as well as solo harpsichord to help us follow the individual voices through the textures as they go down many different paths. It works well. The album title Lemniscate is from algebraic geometry, the figure of eight ribbon is also used as the infinity symbol, the idea being here that the  very last figure in Bach's unfinished triple fugue is a circulating one suggesting, like a lemniscate, that the art of counterpoint is infinite.


BBC Radio 3 'Record Review'
18 March 2023