Pavlo Beznosiuk - Bach Sonatas and Partitas - Audiophile Audition

There seems to be a run on Bach's solo violin sonatas and partitas these days, with a new one appearing almost every month. Not that I mind, as one can never tire of these amazing pieces, the absolute pinnacle of violin perfection, never equaled in content or technique. And the approaches continue to amaze as well-recently it seems as if a retrograde philosophy has taken hold, with several artists espousing a manner of performance that is looking back to those mid-twentieth century mavens who first brought us these works. I guess what goes around comes around, and this disc in particular makes the case for such a statement.

Pavlo Beznosiuk is well known in period instrument circles, working intensively with the Academy of Ancient Music, and also spending much time in contemporary repertory as well...Pavlo Beznosiuk goes his own way in this music, no questions asked...his is one of the cleanest recordings of this music you will find, and the Super Audio is well-spread and effective...

31 March 2011