Perfect Alibi - Classic CD

I find the sight of a young singer pretending to be Frank Sinatra or Peggy Lee and singing yet another version of "Night and Day" rather depressing. This obviously bothers Claire Martin too, because in recent years she has set out to find repertoire that is more relevant to her own life and experiences. In this (and her previous CD) she has really put herself out on a limb, experimenting with contemporary songs from the worlds of pop and rock and using her jazz sensibilities to colour them. Of course it doesn't always work, but that happens when you take risks and she has to be applauded for doing so. The most successful track is her re-working of Jimi Hendrix's Up From The Skies in which her voice smoulders and snarls and will leave any red-blooded male feeling weak at the knees.

Classic CD
01 May 2000