Peter Whelan - The Proud Bassoon - BBC Radio 3 'CD Review'

From 9:09

For his latest release, Whelan has deployed Ensemble Marysas to explore some of the colourful ways in which his instrument was deployed in the Baroque courts, street and opera house. There's pungent Rameau, the famous Telemann Bassoon Sonata, which Whelan observes isn't uniquely tailored to the bassoon. Although this C major sonata by J.F. Fasch obviously is.

What a satisfying, pungent sound. That is the third and fourth movements of the C major Bassoon Sonata by J.F. Fasch. Relishing the unique turn qualities of the instrument, played by Peter Whelan with members of his ensemble Ensemble Marsyas. Characterful players all of them, and it's a thoroughly enjoyable outing for the gruff Baroque double reed instrument. Music from Rameau, Telemann and Fasch and Boismortier. The Proud Bassoon is what they've called it; it sounds that way. New this week from Linn Records.

08 February 2014