Phantasm - Lawes: The Royal Consort - BBC Radio 3 ‘CD Review’

Andrew McGregor talking with Helen Wallace, Hannah French and Flora Willson

'This is an enormously persuasive collection - it's really fantastic. I think the thing I liked best about it was the fact that each of these dances within each set are really differentiated in terms of articulation - they're finding really different ways in to each of those types of dance - it's really illuminating and takes us right into the period.'

'I loved Laurence Dreyfus's image of the instruments themselves being the dancers - this isn't music to accompany dances, this is the violists dancing - the music is dancing with them and it is extraordinarily beautifully played, beautifully balanced in the recording and so much interest in alternating the metrics, the rhythms, the dissonances, all the little surprises.'

BBC Radio 3 ‘CD Review’
12 December 2015