RSNO - Serebrier Conducts Adler - Shedding Dog

Adleris, by birth, German (he emigrated to the USA in 1939 at the age of 11), he certainly stands at the forefront of that group of composers (not restricted to the USA) who work within established classical models. His output includes four oratorios, five operas, ten string quartets, fourteen concertos for various solo instruments and six symphonies. Completed in 1985 Adler's Sixth Symphony is a three-movement work lasting some 25 minutes and scored for a conventional symphony orchestra. The work is primarily involved in energy, and Adler in his own notes suggests it was inspired "by the idea of feeling the energy of ourtime". It gets a hugely energetic performance from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra here, who press purposefully through its virtuoso demands helmed with unerringly sharp focus by Grammy winner and nominee Jose Serebrier. It's an orchestral tour de force which showcases every section of a very fine orchestra indeed in a vivid recording.

01 June 2016