Sarah Moule - It's a Nice Thought - Jazzwise

Sarah Moule tackles a batch of new songs by lyricist Fran Landesman, in musical settings by Landesman's current songwriting partner, Simon Wallace (who also happens to be Moule's husband). As you would expect from the writere of Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most, Landesman's legendary wit and verbal dexterity is well in evidence on this latest batch of material, just as it was on Nikki Leighton-Thomas' similarly conceived Forbidden Games.

Sarah Moule and her collaborators are sure-footed interpreters, even when the subject matter is very dark, as in A Suicide in Schenectady (spookily written for - but never sung by - the late Susannah McCorkle). The singer has a sweet, beguiling voice and a cool delivery, and captures the tone and fell of these bittersweet, cynical, but often funny songs to perfection. The supporting cast of instrumentalists is built around an excellent quintet, with Wallace on piano and Jim Mullen on guitar, augmented by guest spots by Iain Ballamy, Tim Whitehead and others, and guest vocals by Ian Shaw. If you like the jazz-cabaret approach, this is a classy and very enjoyable production.

22 May 2002