Scottish Chamber Orchestra - Mozart: Opera Arias & Overtures - Classic FM

'Now you could call it a marriage made in musical heaven - the Scottish chamber Orchestra has impeccable Mozart credentials, and the young Venezuelan-Italian conductor Christian Baldini was actually inspired to become a conductor when he first heard Mozart's music- that's it he said, I'm going to become a conductor. Well the two of them have come together - it's all Mozart and it's my Classic FM Album of the Week.' 

‘My Classic FM album of the week has a really original idea - it pairs overtures and arias from Mozart operas, and one of his most beguiling arias is from Don Giovanni, and it's sung beautifully - as are all the arias on this disc - by the British Sopranos Elizabeth Watts. I've actually been in touch with Elizabeth over this and I asked how do you set about playing a minx like Zelena? "Well" she says, "by making sure your voice is at its most beautiful and even sexy, and throwing in the odd element of surprise".  I think she pulls it off beautifully.'     

Classic FM
01 June 2015