Scottish Opera - HMS Pinafore - BBC Radio 3 'Record Review'

Jeremy Sams reviews new opera releases with Andrew McGregor

AM: What does an opera company need to do justice to [Pinafore]?

JS: Well first of all, a chorus and an orchestra. What's nice with Scottish Opera is that they are well equipped with both. And actually, we've got a bit to play to show just that. This for me is  two minutes of; anyone who doubts the genius of Gilbert and indeed Sullivan, just listen to this...these two bits meld and interwine beautifully.

plays excerpt of 'We Sail The Ocean Blue'

AM: ...conducted by Richard Egarr. Who knew that the harpsichordist and director of the Academy of Acient Music was a fan of classic operetta?!

JS: ...and he does it beautifully. It's light footed and touching. It always reminds me of Biszet that little bit...

AM: So beautifully done 


BBC Radio 3 'Record Review'
20 August 2016