Trio Sonnerie - La gamme - La Folia

Marais' entire 1723 publication appears: The four-section La Gamme, the Sonate à la Marésienne and the chaconne Sonnerie de Sainte Geneviève du Mont de Paris built upon a mesmerizing D-F-E bass line. Both La Gamme and the Sonate are relatively large pieces for those used to Marais' suites. Sonnerie portrays a town's inhabitants starting their day as bells toll. La Gamme explores paths as it climbs through many keys. Huggett sits out the ‘Forqueray' wherein Benjamin and Johnstone vary solos and duets (‘La Laborde', ‘La Bellmont' and ‘La Portugaise' are harpsichord solos, ‘La Forqueray', ‘La Cottin' and ‘La Couperin' are duets). The combinations sustain interest.

La Folia
19 November 2013