Trumpet Masque - Jonathan Freeman-Attwood - Sunday Herald

Renaissance and Baroque composition arranged for modern trumpet and large concert grand piano is not programming which would normally have one rushing to the CD player. Trumpeter Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and pianist Daniel-Ben Pienaar, however, with their combination of technical mastery, sensitive musicianship and scholarly erudition, have produced in Trumpet Masque an enthralling re-imagining of works from the 17th century. Sixteen composers are represented and for the most part the arrangements make for both compelling and captivating listening. From the Venetian world of Gabrielli and Monteverdi, through the great pre-Bach German lineage of Schütz and Buxtehude, to the flowing lines of Dowland and Purcell and ultimately the profoundly rich musical landscapes of Lully, Biber and Muffat, Freeman-Attwood and Pienar clearly find the drive and character of the music inspiring. As a result, their performances simply glow with the extensive variety of colour and expression contained within Pienar's skilful arrangements. . Altogether, a "masque" with a playful, but considered approach to realising interesting music in new guises.

08 June 2008