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The characteristic of a sound system (turntables, amplifiers, loudspeakers) is impossible to measure; there is no such precision instrument. You need a much more sensitive apparatus to achieve this - the human ear. One can hear deviation of a well-known instrument, or a deformation of the stereo soundstage. However, you need a perfect reference recording to execute useful listening tests. This kind of reference CD is available from Linn Records.

You now have a new tool with which to test audiophile speakers and sound systems - a hybrid SACD sampler from Linn Records. The music is a mixture of different styles including classical, jazz and folk; the quality of the recordings are excellent. Some virtuoso's debut for the very first time on Linn Records; Emma Bell - the star from La Scala and the Covent Garden, Girl Talk, Ian Shaw - a BBC Jazz Award winner and the outstanding cellist Alison McGillivray.

Instrument Page
01 November 2006