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Hommage à Trois is a collection of arias and duets from three eighteenth-century composers (Domenico Cimarosa, Joseph Hadyn, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) recently released by incredibly talented baritone opera singer William Berger. The title is a cheeky tribute to the three men whom he's based this album around. His overall stage presence and commanding charisma are immediately evident. Berger has performed at renowned festivals, opera houses and concert halls, including the English National Opera, Liceu Barcelona and the Lucerne, Aix-en-Provence and Edinburgh International Festivals. Performing with Berger on this album is famed conductor Nicholas McGegan, soprano Carolyn Sampson, and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Take a look at the wonderfully designed CD booklet below. It gives a great backstory to the album and William Berger...
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29 December 2013