Magnificat is 'CD of the Week'

24 October 2015

Andrew McGregor named Dunedin Consort's new recording of Bach's Magnificat his 'CD of the Week'. Here's why:

'My disc of the Week follows the trend of beginning to think about Christmas before we've even made it as far as Halloween or bonfire night. It isn't our fault though this time I promise - what else are we supposed to do when a new recording is released of the kind of quality as this new one from the Dunedin Consort, in which their music director John Butt reconstructs for us the kind of sounds you might have heard when Bach celebrated his first Christmas day vespers in Leipzig in 1723...It's an absolute joy - far too good to keep for Christmas although if I have my way I'll be reliving Bach's first Leipzig Christmas somewhere in London on the 25th of December thanks to this fine new recording.'  

Dunedin ConsortDunedin Consort
John ButtJohn Butt
J.S. Bach: Magnificat & Christmas CantataJ.S. Bach: Magnificat & Christmas Cantata
J.S. Bach: Magnificat & Christmas Cantata (Digital Deluxe Version)J.S. Bach: Magnificat & Christmas Cantata (Digital Deluxe Version)