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MusicWeb International
'To sum up, this is as fine a single CD selection of Byrd’s keyboard music as you will find anywhere...inventive, spicy and interesting.'
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MusicWeb International
'Richard Egarr’s new release of Byrde’s keyboard music is especially welcome.'
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Choice: 'An outstanding celebration of Byrd as one of the first keyboard greats from a harpsichord player who holds the greatest love and respect for the composer’s music in all its forms.'
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Early Music Review
'These are given performances whose lyricism belies the stark titles...The conclusion of BK 9 is quite exquisite in Egarr’s hands.'
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Res Musica
'Le génie contrapuntique de Byrd est particulièrement mis en évidence dans la grande pièce sur Ut, ré, mi, fa, sol, la, où l’hexacorde ascendant sert de prétexte à une véritable gymnastique mentale en dix-sept variations.'
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BBC Radio Scotland 'Classics Unwrapped'
Album of the Week: 'His playing and the music is infectious and he loses none of that in this recording. He enjoys, even relishes the rich embellishments that are abound in Byrd’s music.'
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5/6: '...he has an understanding of what makes the music of one of the great European renaissance composers come to life.'
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All Music
4½ Stars
'...a vivid portrait of perhaps the most original and influential keyboard composer before Johann Sebastian Bach.'
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The Sunday Times
'It’s breathtakingly inventive music, and played accordingly.'
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Richard Egarr - One Byrde in Hande - BBC Music Magazine

01 August 2018
BBC Music Magazine
4 Stars

'Richard Egarr explores with affection and intelligence the rich world of Byrd's keyboard music, on a modern copy of a Ruckers harpsichord. Bells is a real gem.'
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