Bach: Volume Three - Nigel North - Gramophone

01 February 1996

Having dealt with Bach's works for solo violin North turns his attention to the Cello Suites. The textures are more skeletal and thus more open to amplification, the realization of what could only be suggested on the cello. Had Bach addressed himself to the task he would doubtless have worked in this way; the present-day arranger must do his or her best to read the old Kapellmeister's mind.

As the optimal solution lies in making the adaptation that best suits the recieving instrument, that for the lute is necessarily differentfrom that for, say, the guitar. North has solved his problems elegantly and convincingly, and his performances are nothing less than majestic. Good style is their watchword and they are graced with much embellishment and, in the Gigue of BWV 1007, tying across the bar-lines.

, an amalgam of scholarship, respect, love and high instrumental ability.

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