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Musical Pointers
'Here is a valuable extension to our knowledge of Charles Ives (1874-1954) and a uniquely enjoyable one.'
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'The choral singing is very polished and blended.'
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The Sunday Herald
4 Stars
A solo violin buzzes enthusiastically around an operatic tenor aria while the opening chorus has a string trio in the accompaniment.
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Inverness Courier
the American choir bring an impressive warmth and richness of sound to the text.
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The Herald
4 Stars
'A little know early work, worth investigating.'
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St Olaf's Choir and Chamber Ensemble - Ives - Choir & Organ

01 August 2004
Choir & Organ
5 Stars

The excellent, richly-toned St Olaf Choir from Northfield Minnesota are ideal performers for Charles Ives's oratorio, The Celesital Country. Written around 1900, the work marks the end of a decade that saw the composer as church musician. The chorus and soli sections, separated by instrumantal interludes, reveal a more conventional Ives than the pioneering spirit that was to come. Silence Accompanied is a compilation of the composer's songs, most of them written in the 1920s. Breathtakinigly beautiful, they show the composer in many moods. The performances are first-rate throughout and how refreshing it is to have a choir with such excellent diction.
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