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'Freeman-Attwood has a warm timbre and he phrases the often simple melodic lines appealingly, catching their stylistic differences admirably...The result is a most attractive anthology, naturally balanced and recorded.'
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MusicWeb International
'An interesting and well executed première performance.'
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Sinfini Music
4 Stars
'Rightly describing the pieces as 'exquisite', [Jonathan Freeman-Attwood] brings them to life with an assured lyrical panache that left this listener lamenting the fact that Fauré never wrote a substantial solo work for trumpet during his lifetime.'
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'Jonathan Freeman-Attwood's quiet, direct approach on the trumpet is just right. Recommended for Fauré lovers.'
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Jonathan Freeman-Attwood - Faure - The Times

02 August 2014
The Times
Richard Morrison
4 Stars

This quirky but fascinating disc includes the premiere recordings of dozens of Gabriel Fauré's Vocalises - the tiny but ear-ticklingly imaginative vocal exercises on which he tested his students at the Paris Conservatoire. They were first published last year. The quirk is that the performer here is not a singer but a lyrical trumpet player, Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, who also plays transcriptions of other early 20th-century French music.
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