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The standard of musicianship never falls below excellent.
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A kitchen sink's worth of jazzy idioms.
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Hue and Cry - Next Move - Morning Star

01 June 1999
Morning Star

"Next Move" is Hue & Cry's tenth album and the second part of a "jazznotjazz" trilogy.
The brothers Kane have utilised the talents of some of the best contemporary jazz musicians in making this album.
The standard of musicianship never falls below excellent, particulary that of saxophonist Tommy Smith.
The opening track, She Moves Through The Wires, is a strong self-penned track that sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the album, showing that jazz has a home in Scotland.
In making this album, Hue & Cry have borrowed from many influences - including Latin funk and, like Courtney Pine, drum'n'bass - resulting in back-to-back tracks 24/7 and Speed O' Lite which highlight the musical inventiveness of a band pushing the boundaries.
In the case of Speed O' Lite, it is heartening to hear musicians playing their instruments and not parading computer generated, soulless, high-speed muzak.
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