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Sunday Post
Tommy Smith's new CD Blue Smith is well up to his high standards, with great jazz inspired by the blues. It's out now on Linn Records.
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Rough Guide
His cultured, elegant sound blends well with John Scofield's multi-textured guitar work.
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The Herald
Smith dug into his long-aquired jazz resources to reveal yet further depths of authority, with the urge to stretch a tune to its limits tempered by a warmth of feeling and a bluesy sense of communication.
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Tommy Smith - Blue Smith - HMV Choice

01 August 1999
HMV Choice

At the remarkably young (for a jazzer) age of 32, Scots saxophonist Tommy Smith unleashes his 15th album. Bluesmith's retrospective feel is due to both his seizing on the blues for inspiration (though 12-bar fanatics beware: this is pure hardcore jazz), and e reunion with master guitarist John Scofield, who guested on Smith's first Blue Note label release a decade ago. Smith's looked back to leap forward, and these 11 challenging cuts suggest more to come.
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