Société Lunaire

Société Lunaire

Société Lunaire

Société Lunaire explores the vivid and varied music that developed from the late Baroque, over the galant style of the Sturm und Drang, to the early classical.


    The second half of the 18th century was a time of social change and intellectual awakening throughout Europe. The Age of Enlightenment reached its peak and the arts as well as the sciences blossomed and flourished.

    The Lunar Society, a group of prominent intellectuals, philosophers and artists, was founded in Birmingham in 1765. The members of this club met once a month at full moon so that - given that there was no modern street lighting - the moon’s light might allow them to reach their homes in safety. These ‘Lunarticks’, as they called themselves, discussed not only the latest developments, inventions and results of their experiments in the natural sciences but also artistic and philosophical topics.

    Société Lunaire takes its name from this influential assembly and explores the diverse and fascinating sound world that developed in concert halls and salons from the late Baroque to the Classical period via the galant style of Sturm und Drang. Collaborations with artists from various disciplines and innovative concert formats enable the ensemble to bring the music of that era to life - an era that witnessed not only the French Revolution, and the rise of Napoleon, but also the opening of the first chocolate factory.