BBC Music Choice for Palladians

The Devil's Trill from Palladians received an outstanding review from BBC Music Magazine in its October 2008 issue. Chosen as the BBC Music Choice for Chamber discs and awarded five stars for both sound and performance, the reviewer commented on the "heart-rending passion" and "compassionate playing" of the group - "this is breath-taking stuff". This five star review adds to the Palladians' excellent collection of reviews for ‘The Devil's Trill' which includes Classical CD of the Week from the Sunday Times and numerous recommendations.  


Other Linn Records albums that have been awarded five stars for both sound and performance are:

Dunedin ConsortJS Bach Matthew Passion (Final performing version, c. 1742) 5 stars

Emma Bell: Handel Operatic Arias 5 stars

James Gilchrist: Oh Fair To See 5 stars

George-Emmanuel Lazaridis: Lizst Sonata and Etudes 5 stars

Pamela Thorby: Handel Recorder Sonatas 5 stars