Dunedin Consort Performs Bach's Matthew Passion

The award-winning Dunedin Consort, named one of the 20 greatest choirs by Gramophone, will be performing JS Bach's Matthew Passion for the twelfth year in succession, making it a staple in Scotland's musical calendar.  Performances will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland on Thursday 14 April at St Mary's Metropolitan Cathedral and in Perth, Scotland on Friday 15 April at the Perth Concert Hall. 

The Passion was first performed at Easter between 1727 and 1729.  Director John Butt has taken an authentic approach to their performance of this masterpiece, finding the perfect balance between soloists, chorus and orchestra. The emotion and drama of the Passion story alternates with Picander's poignant and devotional verse.

If you're unable to see the Dunedin Consort live, check out their new YouTube channel and see excerpts from their live performances here.  Or to listen to the full verision of Bach's Matthew Passion, you can download it today at Studio Master quality or order it on CD here.

For more information about the concerts or to book tickets, please visit the Dunedin Consort website here.