Pamela Thorby to open CD Review...

Tracks from Pamela Thorby's new recording, ‘The Nightingale and the Butterfly', will open CD Review on the 28th August. Andrew McGregor will present a selection of delightful tracks by composers including Hervelois, de Visee and Couperin on the BBC Radio 3 programme from 9am.

‘The Nightingale and the Butterfly', for which Pamela was joined by the esteemed lutenist Elizabeth Kenny, has been called "A gentle, thoughtful experience" by The Herald, adding "it is music of wit, endless charm, poignant and tender expressiveness". Meanwhile, the Independent of Sunday said "Pamela Thorby's soft, sweet, natural tone is ideally suited to the whimsical delicacies of d'Hervelois, Philidor and Dieupart". Click here to listen to excerpts of the recording.

For more information on BBC Radio 3's CD Review, or to listen again (available until the 4th September), please click here.