Gibbons: Consorts for Viols

Gibbons: Consorts for Viols

Gibbons: Consorts for Viols
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Phantasm plays "like angels singing." This was the verdict of BBC World Affairs correspondent John Simpson who presented Phantasm with a 2004 Gramophone Award for its recording of Viol Consorts by Gibbons.

With this unique collection juxtaposing Anthems and Madrigals with Fantasies and Dances, Phantasm are firmly in their element of the 16th century English consort tradition, infusing Gibbons’ passionate polyphony and rapturous harmonies with a suaveness unmatched by any other viol ensemble performing today.

The eccentric Glenn Gould counted Gibbons (rather than Bach) as his favourite composer, saying "his music has moved me more deeply than any other sound experience I can think of." Listening to this disc it’s no wonder.