It's A Nice Thought

It's A Nice Thought

It's A Nice Thought
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Sarah Moule's debut album It's A Nice Thought features 14 songs with lyrics by Fran Landesman and music by Simon Wallace.

New York born and raised but London-based for many years, Fran Landesman is a genuine beat survivor and a lyricist with a humorous, lightly ironic touch, a deep humanism and flashes of penetrating insight. Songs she wrote with Tommy Wolf in the 1950s, such as 'Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most', went on to become standards. The songs on this album were all written in the last few years and encapsulate the gritty realism of modern life. Full of literate, often witty songs that lend themselves perfectly to Sarah's emotionally direct vocal style, Simon Wallace has been working closely with Fran for around 8 years producing over 300 songs as well as maintaining a busy career as a jazz pianist and composer.

Sarah Moule sings with a combination of gusty swing and sensitivity, bringing to bear her own life experience to sing Fran Landesman's strong words with the self-assurance they require.