Super Audio Surround Collection Vol. 3

Super Audio Surround Collection Vol. 3

Super Audio Surround Collection Vol. 3
AKP 305
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  • He never mentioned love
    Composer(s) Lewis Curtis Reginald
    Artist(s) Claire Martin - vocals Gareth Williams - piano, Laurence Cottle - bass, Clark Tracey - drums

    He never mentioned love

  • Painting by Numbers
    Composer(s) Judith Owen
    Artist(s) Judith Owen - piano, vocals Hammond B3, backing vocals; Sean Hurley - electric bass; Richard Thompson - electric guitars; Luis Conte - drums, percussion;

    Painting by Numbers

  • Beautiful Life
    Composer(s) Barb Jungr, Adrian York
    Artist(s) Barb Jungr - vocals Jenny Carr - piano and backing vocals, Jessica Lauren - harmonicas, organ, backing vocals and bass piano, Eric Bibb - guitar, Steve Watts - bass, Roy Dodds - drums and percussion, Gabriella Swallow - cello, Barb Jungr - backing vocals

    Beautiful Life

  • Yes I Know When I've Had It
    Composer(s) Johnny Pate
    Artist(s) Carol Kidd - vocals Sandy Taylor - piano, Alex Moore - bass guitar Murray Smith - drums

    Yes I Know When I've Had It

  • Love At Last
    Composer(s) J Harkins
    Artist(s) Claire Martin - vocals Phil Robson - guitar, Gareth Williams - piano, Geoff Gascoyne - double bass, Clark Tracey - drums, Nigel Hitchcock alto saxophone

    Love At Last

  • A Case of You
    Composer(s) Joni Mitchell
    Artist(s) Ian Shaw - vocals Simon Little - bass, Ian Shaw - piano

    A Case of You

  • Grandes Etudes de Paganini <i>Etude III</i>
    Composer(s) Franz Liszt
    Artist(s) Georges-Emmanuel Lazaridis - piano

    Grandes Etudes de Paganini Etude III

  • March, (K.189)
    Composer(s) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Artist(s) Alexander Janiczek - violin The Scottish Chamber Orchestra

    March, (K.189)

  • Capriccio Espagnol Op.34 Scena e canto gitano
    Composer(s) Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
    Artist(s) Artur Pizarro - piano (primo), Vita Panomariovaite - piano (secondo)

    Capriccio Espagnol Op.34 Scena e canto gitano

  • Ludlow and Teme - When I was one and twenty
    Composer(s) Ivor Gurney
    Artist(s) James Gilchrist - tenor Anna Tilbrook - piano, Fitzwilliam String Quartet

    Ludlow and Teme - When I was one and twenty

  • Messiah: And the Glory of the Lord (chorus)
    Composer(s) George Frideric Handel
    Artist(s) John Butt

    Messiah: And the Glory of the Lord (chorus)

  • A Chloris
    Composer(s) Reynaldo Hahn
    Artist(s) Jonathan Freeman-Attwood - trumpet, Daniel-Ben Pienaar - piano

    A Chloris

  • Missa Brevis - Kyrie
    Composer(s) �James MacMillan�
    Artist(s) Alan Tavener Cappella Nova

    Missa Brevis - Kyrie

  • Sonata for Clarinet and Piano <i>Allegro Con Fuoco</i>
    Composer(s) Francis Poulenc
    Artist(s) Maximiliano Martin - clarinet Inocencio Negrin - piano

    Sonata for Clarinet and Piano Allegro Con Fuoco

  • Sonata ‘Graz’ (No.3) for violin & continuo in D, RV 11 <i>Allegro</i>
    Composer(s) Antonio Vivaldi
    Artist(s) Adrian Chandler - violin

    Sonata ‘Graz’ (No.3) for violin & continuo in D, RV 11 Allegro

  • Cumbees
    Composer(s) Santiago de Murcia
    Artist(s) William Carter Susanne Heinrich



Total running time: 56 minutes.

Album information

The third collection of tracks originally compiled from Linn's Super Audio CD catalogue. Please note the digital download is not in surround sound.

Linn Records' jazz catalogue is represented by the cream of UK talent, two of whom were recognised by the BBC Jazz Awards in 2007: Ian Shaw was named 'Best Vocalist' for the second time while Martin Taylor was awarded the 'Radio 2 Heart of Jazz' award. Claire Martin's Shirley Horn tribute album proved a popular summer release reaching #13 in the UK Jazz & Blues Chart and remaining in the chart for 8 consecutive weeks. He never mentioned love was chosen as 'Music Choice' and 'Jazz CD of the Month' by BBC Music Magazine, was named 'CD of the Week' by The Sunday Post

Linn Records' classical catalogue is represented by the Dunedin Consort's Dublin version of Handel's Messiah which won a 2007 Gramophone Award. James Gilchrist's album On Wenlock Edge was named 'CD of the Week' by The Observer and Daily Telegraph, while William Carter's La Guitarra Espanola was named 'Editor's Choice' in Gramophone. Trumpeter Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Scottish choral group Cappella Nova, George-Emmanuel Lazaridis, Maximiliano Martin and La Serenissima also contribute tracks alongside Mozart from the popular Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Please note that the original recordings incorporated in this compilation were made at a variety of different sample rates, depending on the technology available at the time of the recording. Tracks 7,8,9,10,11,12,15,& 16 were originally available at a sample rate of 88.2kHz, track 6 was at 48kHz, track 2,3,& 14 at 44.1kHz and track 13 at 192kHz. The remaining tracks were all sampled at 96kHz. To facilitate playing this compilation as a complete album, all the tracks have been re-sampled to a standard 96kHz.