Burns Vol. 1 - Traditional Music Maker

This CD is a real eye-opener ... a wonderful selection of songs, sung by a variety of great voices ... I don't think there's a track I haven't enjoyed on this album, wee Sassenach that I am.

For me, the best track of all is Ian Bruce's deeply stirring rendition of Ye Jacobites by Name...The variety of approaches in this album melds together beautifully. For example James Malcolm's almost jazzy version of There Grows A Bonie Brier-bush is very refreshing. Then Lang Hae We Parted Been, is sung with a slightly classical approach by Brian Miller, yet with all the tenderness Burns must have intended. The mixture works well alongside very traditional folk-style presentations. Then there's the lively O Ratlin, Roarin Willie, and Sir John Cope, designed to get you on your feet.

Where do I begin reviewing this CD? I can't there's too much to say. The instrumental arrangements are very fine and well matched to the tracks, with some of the best singers around. Buy it, then once you're hooked, buy the whole set of the complete songs of Robert burns, also from Linn.

Traditional Music Maker
01 March 1999