Claire Martin & Ray Gelato - We've Got A World That Swings - The Observer

Claire Martin can grasp the essence of any jazz-oriented style that appeals to her and make herself instantly at home in it. This time it's the irresistible mixture of swing, jump-and-jive and sheer bonhomie purveyed by Britain's "Godfather of Swing", singer and saxophonist Ray Gelato. It's a great combination, with far more jazz artistry involved than you might at first expect. Take, for instance, the easy relaxation in the vocal exchanges between the two of them, the supple lightness of the rhythm section, especially pianist David Newton and drummer Sebastian de Krom. My own favourite track is a gorgeous version of the ballad More Than You Know by Ms Martin, but it's all hugely entertaining and beautifully performed.

The Observer
22 May 2016