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I can't pretend to be clued up about jazz, but I do know what I like and I specially like to listen to it late at night. I know only a small repertoire - my equivalent of the ‘little bit of ivory' to which Jane Austen limited the world of her novels - with the likes of Dave Brubeck and Stéphane Grappelli at its heart. It needs to be expanded - after all, Jane Austen bores me to tears precisely because her world is so limited - and this is just the sort of album to do it.

The collaboration between Claire Martin and Richard Rodney Bennett works superbly; though there's no question who provides the greater vocals, Bennett's accompaniment underpins the whole project superbly. Very good recording and a decent booklet of notes set the seal on a recording to which I shall be returning regularly.

MusicWeb International
27 May 2011