Claire Martin - Witchcraft - The Scotsman

Claire Martin and Richard Rodney Bennett have formed a fruitful partnership since a fortuitous meeting in Glasgow two decades ago. This latest release is the kind of sophisticated cocktail lounge jazz that has brought them success at prestige venues such as New York's Algonquin Hotel. They focus on the songwriting of Cy Coleman, and his mix of bittersweet sophistication and urbane wit provides an ideal vehicle for the duo.

Coleman's best known songs, including the title track and The Best Is Yet To Come, are complemented by some less often heard selections, including Ev'rybody Is Turning On, a satirical look at the burgeoning use of stimulants that is more evocative of Tom Lehrer. Martin's beautifully delivered interpretations are spot-on whatever the mood of the song, underpinned by Bennett's flowing piano accompaniments...

The Scotsman
22 March 2011