Ensemble Bonne Corde - Fiocco: Lamentationes Hebdomadæ Sanctæ - Fono Forum

While only a selection of this attractive music has been recorded so far, the present recording contains all nine pieces of the Brussels cycle and two further compositions of this kind which have only recently been rediscovered. But it is not only this encyclopedic aspect that makes this production valuable; it is the extraordinarily respectful and circumspect approach of the performers that makes one sit up and take notice. The timbre of the sopranos Ana Quintans and Ana Vieira Leite and the baritone Hugo Oliveira, who take turns in the vocal solo parts, is supple, their interpretation expressive but not overly dramatic. The same applies to the four instrumentalists, who create a pleasantly full, but at the same time elegant sound. 

Fono Forum
01 March 2023