Ian Shaw - Drawn to All Things - Audiophile Audition

There's a heart-warming feeling when a man pays tribute to the soulful ballads of Joni Mitchell. Named Best Jazz Vocalist at the BBC Jazz Awards 2004, Ian Shaw has put forth another splendid album. Finding Mitchell's album "Blue" when he was 16 years old helped pave the way for this gracious album.
Adding to his honors of one of Brittan's best Male Jazz Vocalists, Shaw flawlessly sings some of Mitchell's most well-regarded songs, and holding his rank with ease. It's hard to pick just one, but my favorite track on the album is his interpretation of River, one of my all time favorite songs. Great surround involvement via Linn's hi-res sonics.
Accompanying Shaw on this album is; Janette Mason, Tim Lapthorn, Simon Little, Mark Fletcher, Guy Barker, Miles Bould, Nigel Hitchcock, David Preston, Jim Mullen, Richard Cottle, Lea de Laria, and Claire Martin. Also lending a hand are the Tapestry Strings. *****

Audiophile Audition
06 July 2006