Mozart Wind Concertos - SCO - The Herald

This disc represents a jewel in the crown of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra's recording collaboration with Glasgow-based Linn Records. It's not just that the SCO principals shine in these performances of the flute, bassoon and clarinet concertos, though they certainly do. It's more that each performance, especially in the case of the flute and the bassoon, makes a strong case to reassess the pieces. Alison Mitchell's firm, bright rendition of the flute concerto comprehensively dismisses the criticism that it's a puny concerto written for a punt instrument that Mozart disliked. If the bassoon concerto is often regarded as the ugly duckling among Mozart's concerto works, Ursula Leveaux's uniquely warm, chocolatey, singing tone demands that historical judgement be reconsidered. The clarinet concerto, of course, requires no missionary work. None the less, Maximiliano Martin's long-breathed, seamless, lyrical tone, the bedrock of a gorgeous performance, will compel you to listen anew. Very fine, beautifully-paced performances, with the SCO, directed by Alexander Janiczek, in exquisitely sensitive, responsive form

The Herald
22 April 2006