Mozart Wind Concertos - SCO - Hi-Fi Choice

Music: The Scottish Chamber Orchestra is particularly appropriate for this repertoire. Not so small it sounds lightweight or lacking in body and not so large that it is staid or lacking in vitality. Their accomplishment adds to the strength of a Mozart disc that really has wings. Nevertheless, the clarinet concerto featuring Maximiliano Martin is the work that has the strongest impact here. The two earlier works are excellent, familiar fare, but somehow lack the clarinet concerto's depth and passion. What really makes this recording fly, however, is the security of the soloist's delivery. Martin's playing has the easy virtuosity that only top class musicians can achieve.

Sound: The clarinet can often sound subtly out of tune, which has something to do with the physical qualities of the instrument, but here it sounds bright and clean, and always on top of intonation issues in this warmly attractive recording made in Edinburgh's Greyfriars Kirk.

Hi-Fi Choice
01 August 2006